International Youth Internship… it begins

Posted on May 15, 2013 at 5:13 pm by paulalanza No Comment

3 WEEKS! I will be in Antigonish for 3 weeks and I really didn’t realize how small this town really was. According to my driver the town has about 6 000 people in the summer and 12 000 when the university is in full swing. Coming from a city of over 250 000 and a university of over 35 000 this is a bit shocking to me. I guess it is good test for my “adaptation” skills.St. Francis Xavier University

We are lucky in that those of us here at Coady/St.FX are able to meet other CIDA YIP participants and share past experiences then regroup when we return. We also get to dance to the YMCA and Macarena. Sooo many benefits.

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