My Guyanese Reflection

Posted on November 26, 2013 at 3:37 pm by paulalanza No Comment

As I reflect on my time in Guyana I can honestly say I have developed enormously – both professionally and personally. Prior to traveling to Guyana I had only stayed in a “developing” country for vacation purposes and only for 2 weeks. Now I’ve been in a “developing” country for 6 months AND I’ve lived and worked here (life and perspectives are so much different when you aren’t just visiting).


Never before had I designed or built my own websites. NOW I’VE DONE 4! Not only that but now that has been up and running for 3 months I can analyze traffic to the site. I am proud to report that we are consistently attracting over 115 visitors each month with 60% being new visitors to the site. Moreover visitors are coming from new demographics like China! This provides a whole new market YCG can raise awareness in, as well as attract volunteers from.


Personally I will appreciate the little things more, like free water and good customer service. I appreciate how the culture here is not rushed. People take their time, they enjoy things without worrying about time. That being said sometimes when I order a coffee I would like it to come within 10 minutes or when I run into the grocery store to grab an item I’d like to be able to get out of there without waiting in line for 15 minutes. I guess I have developed some patience and have learned to genuinely enjoy myself more… but you’ll have to check with my friends and family in a month to see if that’s actually true.

My 6 months here have allowed me to gain new skills, meet new people and make some lasting memories. I wish I didn’t have to leave (if someone knows a way for me to stay feel free to contact me) but alas I must. So long Guyana, thanks for everything!



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