Date: December 2013

As a Marketing and Communications Officer I was tasked with aiding the Imagine Canada team to create and distribute branded materials for various promotional events in which our foreign officers participated. The objective of our division was to promote Canada as a destination for education and increase international student enrolment in Canada’s education system.


In my role I learned a great deal about branding, brand management and creating brochures, presentations and posters with a common look, feel and personality. I aided in the approval of events and material requests and was able to measure their success through monitoring and evaluating attendance, audience reached, financial expenditure and type of event. From this I was able to make observations and recommendations for future planning.

Working closely with the team through a variety of marketing channels I observed the department lacked a social media marketing campaign. I along with a team of young individuals conducted research into competitor strategies and best practices and were able to develop a strategic plan for implementing this form of marketing for the division. This allowed me to increase my knowledge of social media, how to best leverage its benefits and target specific audiences.