Posted on December 16, 2013 at 1:57 am by paulalanza No Comment

Back in Canada and I’m greeted by snow.




So much snow my flight was delayed and it took us 3 times as long to get home. Even with the roads slick and slippery they were smoother than those in Guyana.

Waking up in the morning I found it difficult to drag myself out of bed, enjoying the warmth of that engulfed me. Did I really want to leave my warm comforter for the cool air that surrounded me?

– This type of thing never happened in Guyana. I would instead wake up and immediately attempt to escape my sweaty bed to the coolness of the shower.

As I stepped outside to hop into the car I found my foot soaked. Oooh re-acculturation. You are going to take me awhile to get used to…


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